Who is thinksojoe?

Podcast host. Narrator. YouTube personality. Musician. Graphic designer. thinksojoe is a Jack of all trades, but perhaps a master of none. Always the entrepreneur, Joe co-founded Fropac Productions in 2002. Fropac Productions is best known for the website stupid5pin.com. Joe formed thinksojoe Digital Media in 2018.

If a cluttered desk is a sign of genius, Joe must be absolutely brilliant. That’s probably why he’s bored all the time and does so much. Joe is currently available for voice-over and graphic design work.

ThinkSoJoE Digital Media

Digital media company focusing mainly on narration-for-hire services

The ThinkSoJoE Show

Award winning podcast focusing on the Buffalo, NY music scene.

The Living Braindead

Buffalo, NY punk band with lyrical themes ranging from LGBTQ+ suppor to Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Things You Might Not Know

Random, useless information from that dude with the beard every single Monday.

TSJ Gaming

Twitch channel featuring ThinkSoJoE playing various video games several times per week.